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Fire 🜂 Fuoco

Originally, 15 billion years ago, there was darkness and silence. Then an immense explosion created a very bright fog composed of gas and dust that continued to wander the universe until it concentrated in a large disk that began to spin on itself. A hot, dense core, the sun, formed in the centre of the disc as the mist of dust and gas continued to circle around it. Slowly, this fog gave rise to the planets and among them also our Earth which was then a mass of incandescent matter. Only after hundreds of thousands of years and millions of volcanoes did the fire that simmer inside the earth subsided.

And life, finally, could begin.

Fire, the dynamic element and generator of life

Fire is a dynamic element because it generates transformations, fire purifies all things, raising them to a higher level of perfection. It is the connection between the micro and the macrocosm, that is, between the outside and the inside, between us and "them". The energy that springs from this element is the very principle of life.

Represented by an equilateral triangle with the vertex upwards, the fire implies an ascending motion, that is, of growth and expansion. The ascending force of fire is opposite to that of Water, which flows to fill every empty and hollow space.

For our new collection, we have decided to go back to our origins, not just those of the world. Five years ago, when we formulated this dream of paper and ink, called Inchiostro and Paper, we wanted to create writing tools that would help people "find" themselves, products that would allow you to put yourself back at the centre of your busy life. In fact, our goal has never been to box you into obligations and duties, but on the contrary, to make the most of your free time and help you focus your attention on the really important things: yourself, your family, your relationships, your adventures and your dreams.

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2023 Weekly Planner - Inchiostro and Paper

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Set Notebooks "Fire" - Inchiostro and Paper

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